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Sit ups or crunches are a very effective strength exercise that is mainly used to improve the abdominal muscles or what is more commonly known as abs or the six pack. Sit ups can be a great way to loose abs fat. A common misconception about crunches is that it does more harm than good. This may actually hold true in cases wherein crunches are done the wrong way. If performed incorrectly, crunches can actually cause damage to an individual’s back. This is why it is necessary to know the proper way of doing crunches so as to avoid any health hazards. Listed below are three of the more popular types of crunches and the correct way to do them.

The Basic Crunch

The first step in doing sit ups is that the individual must lie on his back. His knees should be bent and the sole of his feet should be flat on the floor. The hands should be placed on the stomach and the eyes should be looking at the ceiling. Lastly, the small of the back should be pressed against the floor. This is the basic sit up position.

Once the setup is complete, one can begin with the crunches. The person performing this routine should breathe in, and then raise his back off the floor as much as he can. He should be exhaling as he brings his body up. The crunch is completed once the individual’s back is on the floor and his body assumes the starting position. A brief pause is required before going for the next crunch.

To increase the difficulty of the basic crunches, one can change the positioning of his hands. For instance, one can keep his fingertips on his temples so as to target upper abdominal muscles.

Elbow to Knee

This is a key step when a person wants to lose abs fat. One of the more advanced type of sit ups is the elbow to knee crunches. This begins with the same starting position as the basic crunch. The fingertips however should be touching the temples, similar to what is mentioned above. Also, the legs should be slightly apart. As the individual sits up, he must make his right elbow touch his left knee. After laying back down, the next rep should be left elbow to right knee. The exercise is repeated and alternated until the required number of repetitions is completed.

Crunch and Hold

The crunch and hold sit ups require the same starting position as the two previous exercises. The difference of this style is that the individual holds his position while sitting up. The person performing this exercise is required to lift himself up halfway and then hold this position for a count of 10. The intensity and difficulty of the routine can be enhanced by increasing the number of seconds the individual holds the sit up position.

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